Dear Anthea, Nick and Team,

Firstly, I want to say thank you so much for your efforts as both individuals and as a team for making my dream log cabin a reality.

There are some things money just can’t buy, no matter what the price is set at, and that’s because there are some things you can’t put a price on. I think this falls into that category, and because you have all helped me in different ways, I’ll thank you separately.

Anthea – Your customer service is excellent. You know your product, timelines, prices, shipping, finishes and extras like you’ve been doing it for years. You allow your customer to become emersed in the experience as much as you are, often giving ideas of your own by way of suggestions on what might be nice or would suit / fit / look good. I can’t thank you enough for the way in which you have managed this from inception to completion and kept me updated at all times. Additionally to this, you have gone above and beyond to bring the timescales forward to make sure that it was delivered for my birthday, installed and ready to use. What a wonderful service. You have been amazing. Thank you.

Nick, Mitch and Harley – Wow. You boys. I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone. What a fantastic team. To follow on from Anthea, you arrived at my house for 8.30 despite having to travel a fair way and 3 motorways to get to me. Immediately the work was started and you all knew what each other was doing. The teamwork was exceptional, along with attention to detail and excellent workmanship. I was really surprised how quickly the cabin went up and the speed you work with. At all times, so polite, always please and thank you and very tidy as you went along. Barely wanting to stop for a break, because it was so important to you to do a good job, and to get it right for me. The cabin is wonderful, solid, well made and very pretty. It is exactly what I wanted and the extras such as double glazing, roof tiles, floor and roof insulation and the wood treatment have all made it into the beautiful cabin I imagined. Very cosy, temperate and just a lovely space.

If this was not enough to allow you to stand out from the rest, I was presented with a problem whilst you were putting the cabin up. Sadly, a rogue trader was carrying out some work on the garden whilst you were here. Your experience and building background allowed you to advise me that what he was doing was wrong, and Mitch, you took the time to explain to me that what the rogue trader was telling me in ‘builder speak’ that I didn’t understand. Thank god you did because I would have been paying more money for work that could never be completed. Mitch, what a brave and wonderful lad you are. You did this in front of him, to protect me, and that meant that he confronted you until I asked him to leave. I have lost money, but I would have lost far more had you not done this. I can’t thank you enough. Harley, you are a little diamond and for someone so young, have an excellent work ethic. You’re almost out of your time, because it’s rare to find, and it’s an absolute pleasure to have met you as part of the team. Still think it’s a shame your surname isn’t Davidson though!

Nick, although the most experienced on the job, there was no feel of team leader and team.. there was just wonderful teamwork, more like father and son with the boys and it was wonderful to see. At all times I felt so at ease with the professionalism and warmth that you displayed, and when I was visibly shaken from the rogue trader, you went the extra mile to try and help me calm down and will even be coming to sort out the mess he has left behind.

In short, this is the kind of priceless I’m talking about.

Anything can have a price on it, but what you get with the Log Cabin Company is priceless.

Genuine, honest, hardworking and with customer satisfaction at the ethos of your relationship from the first moment of enquiry to the completion.

I’ll finish with the thought you left me with when I look at my fabulous cabin…

‘You can’t get better than the Log Cabin Company’