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The pro-installation team from the the log cabin compnay can construct your new log cabin or timber building for you and covers a Nationwide service. (Check our delivery page).


Ground work and base preparation must be complete before installation can be started (ask our sales teams for advice).


Our teams are fully qualified and have built hundreds of log cabins, timber garages, timber stables, field shelters and carriage houses  over the years between them.


The Pro Installation team will vary in size depending on the job from two to four men, Each of our experienced team operates with a fully equipped truck and specialist tools and equipment to install your log cabin or timber building with ease.


They are all based in Yorkshire and will travel nationwide to each job ready to deliver and start the installation at 07.30 hrs, All of our products are delivered and installed by our own staff and we never sub-contract our work out like most log cabin and timber building companies resulting in delays and problems.


Their "days" are generally long and they will work until it the job finished normally within 1 day, all the buildings that we build require a safe working method and meet the required building standard.



Pro Installation


Hexagonal Shingles: available in Grey, Red, Green.

Size of each shingle 1000mm x 317mm.

Area covered per shingle pack 3sqm

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How many Shingle Packs does my Cabin require??


Standard Cabins:


Cabin Size (in metres) Number of Shingles Packs


3m x 3m - 5  Packs

plus canopy - 7  Packs


4m x 3m - 6 Packs

plus canopy - 8 Packs


4m x 4m - 8 Packs

plus canopy - 10 Packs


5m x 4m - 10 Packs

plus canopy - 12 Packs


5m x 5m - 12 Packs

plus canopy - 13 Packs


If your  size is not shown use the next larger size quoted.


If your size is not shown use the next larger size quoted.

For other or larger sizes, please call us on 07876-501912




Hex Shingles

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